About Us

Who is MySiteGuard?

We are a company that is committed to helping its customers maintain a secure and robust level of service provisioning for their own websites. We pride ourselves in having an up to date skill set, empowering us to tackle even the most recent security vulnerabilities head on. Combined with the bleeding edge tools we use, this makes us the most effective line of defense to keep your website safe from hackers and malicious attacks.

Expertise and Knowledge Combined

The MySiteGuard team has many years of experience in dealing with website security. Furthermore, our entire team goes to great lengths to keep their skill sup to date. Of all facets of the tech marketplace, security is the fastest changing. This means we have to keep up with the ever-cleverer ways that hackers find to attack a site.

A Full-Service Offering

We offer both proactive services such as website monitoring and hack prevention, and also reactive services such as hack removal and full website cleansing. So, whether you are concerned about keeping your website secure, or looking for a help applying fixes following a successful hack on your site, we can help.

Guaranteed to Get Results

We back up our claims with a full guarantee, with most of our services covered by a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA). You can trust us to work for you, keeping your website safe and secure, and providing you with peace of mind.