Hack Removal

With the right technical support team in place, you can recover quickly and be back online with minimal downtime.

Having your website hacked is not only distressing, it puts you and your customers at risk. The clean-up operation afterwards can be very complex, and if you don’t have strong technical expertise, it is time consuming and frustrating.

Not all Hack Removal Services are Created Equal

Too often, websites are repeatedly attacked because only a cursory scan is performed, and the point of vulnerability is not identified. That’s where MySiteGuard and our customised Hack Removal service comes in.  It’s not enough to simply clean the site and put it back online, you need to understand exactly how the site was hacked so it can be thoroughly cleaned and protected. Once you contract MySiteGuard to perform a hack removal, we will begin by working to diagnose how the site was hacked, and what steps must be taken to clean and restore your site. Key features of our service include:

  • Investigation of likely method of compromise
  • Removal/repair of compromised files & database tables
  • Google Search Console ownership validation support
  • Blacklist delisting support
  • Security recommendations
  • Comprehensive Report

The old adage “prevention is better than cure” hold true in terms of your online security. Not all hackers simply deface your website, sometimes it is not immediately obvious that you’ve been attacked, and hackers can be maliciously using your site without you even knowing about it. To ensure you and your customers are adequately protected, our Website Monitoring services can monitor your site for signs of tampering, and perform security checks to make sure any vulnerabilities are identified and corrected, making it much harder for hackers to compromise your website.

Fix your site!

So you've been hacked? Don't stress, we can help!

The MySiteGuard Remove product is our flagship hack removal service for website owners who own and operate a website. If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of being hacked or defaced, don’t despair, we can help! We repair sites and ensure that the hack is completely gone. We interface with your site designer and your web hosting company (if you need us to).