Website Monitoring

Save Time and Money While Preventing Attacks

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, if you have an online presence, your website is vulnerable to security intrusions from hackers. A website security service like MySiteGuard can save you time and money with our Website Monitoring service, assisting in the prevention of a malicious attack. Our automated vulnerability scans search for inconsistencies in your website security, notifying you upon detection.

Our Website Monitoring service also includes Blacklist Monitoring. A blacklist is a list of IP addresses or domain names that are thought to be generating spam. If a hacker gains access to your website and uses your email address for spamming purposes, you could be blacklisted, resulting in your legitimate business emails being blocked from delivery. Your MySiteGuard specialist will monitor internet blacklists to identify if hackers are maliciously using your domain. If a hack is identified in during a scheduled scan, a fix is only a simple request away.

Our Hack Removal or Website Cleanse services provide immediate and comprehensive cleaning for hacked websites. Hacks don’t occur during regular business hours and neither do our services – these services can be ordered and commence at any time of the day once you’ve decided to proceed. Not all website downtime can be attributed to hackers. With advancing technology, web applications are becoming increasingly complex, and sometimes break. Our Uptime Monitoring checks will regularly test your server availability to ensure your customers are able to access your website whenever they need to. See below for a complete list of features in our Website Monitoring service:

  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Google SafeBrowsing Monitoring
  • Notification Feature

Future Features

  • Filesystem Integrity Monitoring
  • Database Integrity Monitoring
  • File AV Scanning

We're always watching!

Our tireless monitoring service does all the hard work of keeping your site safe.

The MySiteGuard Defend service consists of a proprietary scanning engine that looks over your site to ensure that it’s clean and free from malicious content. The engine not only takes care of malware and viruses, but scans and checks for phishing and other malicious code that is often hidden if your site is hacked. The scanner not only checks the site from a remote location but if you’ve configured it, it will download a copy of the website and database if you have some and run a deep scan too. Every scan result is checked and validated by a specialist and if anything out of the ordinary appears, we will notify you!

Included With Every Service

Our security engineers are relentless with their approach to hack protection and removal.

Remote Site Scan

Our service provides a remote site scan from our scanner to your site location to periodically check for malicious content.


We’re online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round. You can contact us by phone, email and live chat.

Deep Scan

You can configure our service to fetch your website content and database for us to perform a deep scan inside our secure scanning environment.

Wordress Hack Detection

WordPress is the most popular and widely used CMS in the world. We specialise is detection malicious activity in WordPress sites.

Search Reputation Monitor

Our scanning process includes a search of the Google Safe Browsing and other common Website Blacklists list to determine if your site has been listed.

Incident Report

We provide a comprehensive report on any threats identified in the scanning process to give you all the information you need.