Privacy Policy


This site and all content that has been published upon it are entirely owned by MySiteContent. It may not be copied, reused, or redistributed in any way. This pertains to all text, images and other forms of digital content found on the site.

If you wish to republish any content that is owned by MySiteGuard, then you will need to contact us first to receive our permission.

Data Security

The MySiteGuard websites uses standard security protocols including HTTPS and SSL encryption to secure all website traffic where necessary.

Cookies are used and saved in the local browser cache, solely to provide a more personalized experience for repeat visitors.

We take all reasonable measures to keep the data within this site safe and secure at all times but accept no liability for any damages caused should a malicious intrusion expose it.

Data Privacy

As a site visitor, you will be deemed to have allowed MySiteGuard to collect anonymous persona visitor data as part of the technology used to operate this site. This data can include things such as the browser being used, the IP address the visitor is viewing from, and other details. We always attempt to make sure such data is kept secure at all times, and it will never be passed on to a third party.

We may use your personal data for remarketing purposes occasionally and offer a more personalized website experience. We will never use your personal data to send unsolicited bulk email or use your private data for anything other than operating the MySiteGuard service.

Privacy Policy Updates

The company can and will change this privacy when deemed needed. This page will always reflect the most up to date version of the privacy policy. However, the company accepts no liability if the customer fails to understand this privacy policy clearly.

Further Information

For information about this privacy policy, or for a more detailed description of any terms it contains, then please contact MySiteGuard.