Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

Within this page, MySiteGuard will be referred to as “the company” and its clients will be referred to as “the customer”. The customer is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions when entering into a trading relationship with the company.

General Terms and Conditions

The customer should understand that these terms and conditions will be accurate on the date they have read them. They may be subject to change in the future, see updated policy below.

Service Conditions

The company may be managing secure access to a website owned by the customer. The company will take every reasonable measure to make sure secure information such as usernames and password are kept private at all times.

The customer, once entering into an agreement for service with the company, will be expected to pay in full. Failure to do so may result in no action being taken by the company with regards to securing the site owned by the customer. This could leave the site at risk.

Our Liabilities

The company accepts no liability for damages resulting from loss of website services belonging to the customer.

SLA will always be applied, but in the event of an SLA slipping, the company accepts no liability or reason for recompense.

The company is not liable for any losses, real or estimated that the client deems have been caused by the company operating its services on their behalf.

Terms of Service Update Policy

The company can and will change these terms of service when deemed needed. This page will always reflect the most up to date terms and conditions. However, the company accepts no liability if the customer fails to understand these terms and conditions clearly.

Refund Policy

The company offers both an on demand and as needed service, not a tangible product. Due to this reason, we do not offer refunds once an order has been placed as at that time, the customer project has begun.

Further Information

For information about these terms and conditions, or for a more detailed description of any of these terms and conditions, then please contact MySiteGuard.