Why We Exist

Tackling the Growing Problem of Website Security Head On Here at MySiteGuard, we are truly committed to meeting the challenge of standing in the path of hackers, who would just love to ruin your web presence. But this is not a simple task, the global hacking community has some of the cleverest technical minds, highly skilled in bringing mayhem to the internet. We need to be one step ahead of them, making sure that every site we protect is free of security vulnerabilities. Why Do You Need MySiteGuard? You need the services we provide to do two things for you. Firstly, to fix any hacks that have been made on your website. We have the skill set, expertise, and tools to do this quickly and effectively. Secondly, you need MySiteGuard to go on protecting your site, making sure that all security vulnerabilities are eradicated. Have We Convinced You Yet? If not, then consider some of the statistics on sites that were hacked in 2016 below, and then think again. Can you really afford not to use our service?

  • 52% of websites that were hacked believed they had the correct intrusion system in place.
  • 51% of them believed that they had adequate levels of site monitoring.
  • 48% failed to uncover the security vulnerability during an internal security audit.
  • 47% felt that they had underestimated the threat of cyber-attacks.
  • 47% admitted they had failed to use their own site management tools properly to set up a secure site.
  • 44% had used external providers to undertake penetration testing of the website, which it passed.